gcds-bronzeAs the Kennel Club website describes: “The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award is aimed at ensuring owners understand their dog and can effectively train it. As a result dogs should be able to walk and behave well on a lead, under good control of their owner, including when in and around other people and dogs. The dog will be able to “stay” and come to hand and when called. It must allow its owner to clean and groom it – and also inspect it in whatever position the owner wants (e.g. standing or sitting / lying down etc., on its lead).”

For further information this award level and the specific exercises that are tested, please take a look at this pdf file:


awarded-bronze-gcdsHere are three of our previously successful dogs and handlers with their Bronze GCDS certificates!

As the Kennel Club also states:- Responsibility & Care accompanies all levels of the Scheme and educates owners about responsibilities to their dog and the community”.

For further information, see this pdf file: Kennel Club Responsibility & Care leaflet

Lots more info on our main website page.

Don’t forget that – for administrative purposes only – we are known as The Dog School UK (Cheshire) for the purposes of the GCDS scheme.

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Cheshire Dog School (CDS) has taught puppy & dog training classes at a number of venues in Warrington since 2011, as well as private 1:1 lessons, Telephone & Skype training. Additionally, we operate the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme and run various events, workshops & seminars.

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