Does your dog listen to you when you are home or in a low-distraction environment, but not when you are somewhere very distracting?

We are launching a new series of ‘Real-life’ workshops. These 45 minute workshops will take place in distracting, every day environments such as the Town Centre, the Park and other distracting places. We will be helping you with techniques to help your dog focus and listen to you when surrounded by distractions.

Ami and Ecko at a real life distraction workshop

Ami and Ecko at a real life distraction workshop

Currently only available to dogs which have attended a CDS course within the last six months.

These workshops will be limited to 4 dogs per group to start with, and will cost £8 per session (must be pre-paid).


The next Distraction Workshop takes place on Saturday 23rd November 10:00am – 10:45am in Warrington (venue to be confirmed on booking).

To book a space please contact us –

email –
tel – 07825 119 188

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Ami Sekhon is the owner of Cheshire Dog School, which offers dog obedience training, workshops, home visits and much more in and around Warrington, Cheshire. Ami has been involved in dog training for many years and she also enjoys successfully competing with her own dogs in Agility and other dog sports. In 2016 Ami won the Enterprise Vision Award in the North West in the Training and Coaching Category and is a 2017 finalist for the Solo Business award. [more]